It is on the French Riviera, Juan-les-Pins, cosmopolitan seaside where a certain lifestyle is cultivate, that was born the beautiful story of Honeymoon.




Sébastien Coste, fascinated by gazebos and the incredible spirit of idleness they convey, imagine a first model elegant and refined, of very high quality and quick to seduce demanding customers of the French Riviera. A first model is designed: a bed topped by a roof of navy canvas, to live moments close to nature.

Out of respect for tradition and quality, Sébastien chooses teak, resulting from forest reserves controlled and regulated, to build this first model, installed in June 2000 in Saint-Tropez, another place of the "art of living under the sun. " The spirit of Honeymoon is register in the history of outdoor furniture.




Grégory Dubrulle, close friend, companion of travels and also loving nature, joined Sebastien that he had helped to prepare the initial draft. In just two years, Honeymoon is gaining momentum, develops other lines.

Areas of different models expand from 4 m² to 9 m² to reach today's 20 m². The trend itself and the art of living outside are booming.



Michael Farra who had met Sebastian in a trekking in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, decides to join the society. Michael markets the products through the company Bella Vita for North America, South, the Caribbean and Hawaiian islands.

With a collection now highly developed ranging from simple sofa to the garden shower, through huge lounge on stilts, garden’s beds or even decks empty of any development and open to all desires, Honeymoon has become a reference in high-end outdoor design combining style, innovation and quality.